"Do not be like CNN" the words circulating in the network a few years, seen image in the minds of the people how to fail, especially in the hearts of Chinese people.
CNN is the abbreviation of CableNewsNetwork,Is believed to be the first 24-hour news channel broadcast ,over two hundred ten countries and regions broadcast their news in the is CNN's Chinese website,

China's position on the treatment, not based on facts, but exhausted all against China in an attempt to split China's remarks to report events.

As we all know, the news means that something has happened, but news became confused what is news immediately reported the incident at the time, rather than after news reports. pursuit of timely, realistic and live sense, but downplayed the humanism of this theory, not only lack of contact with the meaning of the facts and the facts, and too indifferent or the endless suspicions reports reflects a contempt for human life.

Cnn can be said that is the U.S. government's mouthpiece, CNN often do not attempt to make the most accurate and true reported, but just a propaganda tool to promote U.S. imperialist ideology. And tried to make every possible to discredit each other, in order to beautify their own image.

Event has been verified, the fact that dozens of civilians were injured is very clear, the damage has occurred, the evidence is conclusive, for this question there is no doubt considered completely, not only premeditated, but there is real action; not only act, but also has caused the damage results in civilian casualties.This behavior is typical of terrorism. The Chinese government did not arbitrarily give this event a sudden label of terrorism, but the result of been carefully, consistent with due process of verification was published.


But CNN.CN was not enough, and there is no sympathy for the Chinese people in this innocent injured in terrorist attacks,CNN presents different views on China from the aspects considered whether the nature of the conduct terrorist attacks.Questioned this result itself is ignoring the facts, does not have any practical significance.The premise of this approach is the wrong attitude of suspicion and hostile to China, the key reason is its denial of China's development,Consequence is the neglect of fundamental human rights, it is easy to evolve into sympathizers and supporters of terrorism. in dealing with China issues also need to be treated fairly.